We are who we are because of others

It is in this spirit that A Different Booklist Cultural Centre (ADBCC), is partnering with the Afri-Can Food Basket and Pan Fantasy Steelband to create the Emergency Fund for Community Organizations during COVID-19.

As a non-profit organization, these times have brought unique challenges as ADBCC finds new and innovative ways to transform our programming. However, we are not alone in this challenge. Many non-profits, community organizations and small businesses are coming together in the spirit of cooperative economics and collectivity – themes that resound in our people’s history and legacy.

What is the Community Emergency Fund?

This fund supports Canadian non-profit organizations founded in the African and Caribbean Canadian communities. 

The fund will enable the participating organizations to:

    > Deliver food and meals to seniors, single parent families and those with special needs;

    > Deliver programming to engage children who are at home;

    > Sustain our staff and volunteers, and support our organizations to maintain their infrastructure

Who are donations serving?

Since the early 90s, the Afri-Can Food Basket has led the movement in food security, farming and health as it pertains to the African Canadian community. It is located at the Black Creek Farm and is now responding to COVID-19 through the delivery of food baskets to seniors, single parent families and those with special needs.

Pan Fantasy Steelband is a cultural organization that is committed to community development. The band donates its musical talents throughout the year across Ontario. Pan Fantasy engages in numerous volunteer initiatives and its members serve as educators in teaching others to play the steelpan. Pannists are an underserved community group in the arts and culture funding sector.

A Different Booklist Cultural Centre is a non-profit hub and destination that provides opportunities to experience the rich culture and history of Canadians of African and Caribbean ancestry. Located in Toronto’s iconic Bathurst-Bloor neighbourhood, ADBCC brings people together and engages the public to learn about these proud stories using literature, music, drama, dance and visual arts. The financial support from our community and other donors across Canada has been vital to our success and maintaining the operations of our work. We thank everyone who has sent their messages of support and donations to maintain our space at Bathurst and Bloor while we migrate online.

How to donate to the Community Emergency Fund?

    1. Donations can be emailed through e-transfer to info@adbcc.org. No security question required.

    2. If you are a major donor and you need further information please email pamcampbell.adbcc@gmail.com

Please note that we cannot issue charitable tax receipts. While  The Afri-Can Food Basket, Pan Fantasy Steelband and ADBCC are registered nonprofit organizations, only registered charities can issue tax receipts.

We thank all of you who have supported the fund thus far. Together we are always better. Together we achieve.